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Many businesses totally unaware of significant UK telecoms changes

(Image credit: Shutterstock / ARIMAG)

The effects of Covid-19 and uncertainty over Brexit are not the only challenges UK businesses now face; they should also be gearing up for the “Great British Switch Off".

According to a new report from Zen Internet, one in four businesses are oblivious to impending changes to the telecoms network in the UK. If unprepared for these changes, firms risk losing key avenues of communication.

Copper stop-sell, projected to be in full effect by 2023, may put businesses in a communications crisis, as a range of Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) voice and broadband products will no longer be available.

This process kicked off in December 2020, paving the way for the switch to full fibre digital networks.

By 2023, 13% of businesses expect their contract renewal/termination with their traditional third-party telephone operator to be over three years away, while 8% report they have no intention to renew. 

As soon as stop-sell takes effect, businesses may be forced to spend more on legacy communications systems. 

“A look through history suggests that businesses have illustrated a pragmatic approach when it comes to adopting new communications tools,” said Paul Stobart, CEO of Zen Internet.

“However, there is a growing risk that many will be caught short by structural changes to the UK telecoms network which loom on the horizon. Keeping company technology up to date should be a continuous, evolutionary process, but the clock is ticking for those businesses still reliant on outdated communications tools such as traditional telephony.”