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Many CIOs believe their organization is falling behind

(Image credit: Image Credit: TeroVesalainen / Pixabay)

Despite an increasing focus on innovation, most CIOs are under the impression they are falling behind the competition when it comes to the pace of change.

This is according to a new report from IT company Logicalis, based on a survey of 1,000 CIOs from around the world, which states that 80 percent think they are not moving fast enough. 

Respondents said their biggest challenges include keeping up with increasing efficiencies (38 percent), streamlining workflows (37 percent) and enhancing services (36 percent). 

Less than a third (27 percent) of those surveyed described innovation as part of their company culture. For a fifth (21 percent), innovation is confined to specific areas and departments, while for almost half (45 percent) it consists of large-scale projects driven exclusively by dedicated teams. 

Consequently, innovation is rarely embedded in company culture and employees are resistant to change and evolution. As a result, businesses risk losing their customers, the report claims.

However, Logicalis also says that CIOs are spending more time on innovation than ever before. 

“Businesses don’t have to approach innovation with an ‘all-in’ strategy. It can start with optimizing operational processes such as empowering employees to build their own workflows or automating a process that was previously manual,” explains Toby Alcock, CTO of Logicalis. 

“The key to success is building an innovative culture where employees can surface and test new ideas quickly and providing the time, tools and processes for them to do so.  

“By doing this, employees will produce ground-breaking ideas and solutions and in turn, will feel satisfied within their roles and employee turnover will decrease. Without taking these measures, businesses risk losing top talent to competitors that are more advanced.” 

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