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Many companies are planning for an increase in cloud use

(Image credit: Image Credit: TZIDO SUN / Shutterstock)

Covid-19 may have forced many businesses into the cloud, but many intend to commit to the technology in the long term, claims a new report from Snow Software.

Surveying 250 IT leaders on their cloud usage and investment decisions, the firm found almost two thirds are increasing their overall cloud usage, despite the imminent return to physical offices.

In many cases, businesses were forced to introduce new cloud services as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic, but organisations will continue to lean on these services after coronavirus has subsided, according to the report.

Despite Zoom and Teams being the most widely discussed cloud services, cloud infrastructure is responsible for propelling usage, the report argues. Three quarters of respondents reported having increased their usage of cloud platforms, both public and private.

“While many companies may have already relied on these productivity services ahead of the crisis, the surge in cloud infrastructure represents a more fundamental shift in how organisations operate,” the report claims.

Snow Software believes these figures hint a larger change in how enterprises approach the cloud. An increasing number of businesses are accelerating cloud migration and digital transformation, despite ever-present budget constraints.