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Many companies still don't have a digital transformation plan

(Image credit: Shutterstock / issaro prakalung)

Digital transformation isn’t something businesses should approach without a strategy in place, yet many companies do just that. According to a new report from hybrid cloud firm Pulsant, less than half of businesses (42 percent) have a digital transformation plan, while one in ten (11 percent) are trying to transform their operations completely without a plan.

Polling 200 IT decision-makers and 200 business leaders in UK mid-sized companies for the report, Pulsant found that many businesses struggle to digitally transform their operations due to skills shortages and the fact that legacy systems don’t play well with new ones. 

Furthermore, company culture and organizational structure often don’t support or enable digital change.

They are also worried about managing the complexity that comes with digital transformation, as well as the security of their business-critical applications. Some fear they won’t be able to keep their business going 24/7.

Security concerns have forced many IT decision-makers return to the drawing board. Covid-19 forced firms to accelerate transformation, and once they were settled in, many revisited their infrastructure strategy to ensure the security and compliance of their operations.

The majority (89 percent) are confident their IT infrastructure is resilient, yet many don’t believe their current IT infrastructure is fit for purpose for their organization’s future needs.

“The pandemic has placed a higher premium on organizational agility over the last 12 months and the deployment of digital technologies and cloud to achieve this,” said Simon Michie, Pulsant CTO.

“However, by moving so quickly, many organizations can miss out on laying out a clear technology strategy and as a result, critical transformation barriers are emerging. These need to be addressed before organizations can reach their digital potential.”