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Many CTOs are not monitoring performance across their tech stack

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(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/violetkaipa)

Roughly half of organizations worldwide are not monitoring their tech infrastructure for performance issues. This is according to a new report from Python development specialists, STX Next.

Polling 250 CTOs all over the world for its Global CTO Survey report, STX Next claims the modern tech stack plays a crucial role in adapting to new business demands, especially given that more than three quarters (77 percent) are currently developing cloud-native solutions.

On average, businesses use three different languages across their tech stack, with JavaScript and Python considered the two biggest. The report also states that cloud, agile methodologies and continuous integration have become largely popular practices, used by 75 percent of respondents.

For Łukasz Koczwara, VP of Engineering at STX Next, the emergence of Python forced CTOs to “think more broadly when it comes to deploying a programming language”.

“If CTOs need to get their products up and running quickly to beat the competition, Python brings a huge number of advantages. Additionally, the migration away from on-site solutions to public cloud is a widely observed trend. The drivers for this are likely to be the need to reduce dependency on owned hardware and a need to bring down the total cost of ownership.”

React, Angular, Express and Vue were listed as the most popular web frameworks, while NumPy, TensorFlow and Pandas were the top data science frameworks.