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Many firms have lost customers over email attachment blunders

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(Image credit: Image Credit: Raw Pixel / Pixabay)

Email slip-ups have led to many businesses losing customers, new research from security company Tessian reveals.

Based on a survey of 4,000 UK and US office workers, the report states that 46 percent have sent file attachments to incorrect recipients, with nearly one in five firms (18 percent) subsequently losing customers due to the error.

The research further showed that 53 percent of respondents from the UK have sent an email with the wrong file attached. Of these files, 29% contained client information and 26% contained financial information. Men were found to make email attachment errors more frequently than women.  

Moreover, 17 percent of the respondents state their company faced legal action following an email incident, 23 percent of employees involved faced disciplinary action, and a further 13 percent lost their job. 

“Until now, it’s been impossible to solve for data loss caused by attachment errors. We are giving people, and their employers, peace of mind that the data they control won’t end up in the wrong hands. Given that most misattached files go undetected, we’re also providing companies greater visibility into a largely invisible problem,” said Ed Bishop, Tessian co-founder and CEO.

“Our research reveals that one in 10 employees did not report their attachment mistakes. You can’t protect what you can’t see. So, with greater insight into people’s behaviors on email, we can help organizations prevent this common mistake before it turns into a serious breach.”