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Many IT workers say they have major issues with their data solutions

(Image credit: Shutterstock / whiteMocca)

For most IT managers, databases  and the associated management solutions are excessively cumbersome and challenging to use, according to a new report from SingleStore.

Based on a poll of 500 IT staff, the report states that many operate different versions of the same database, and regularly run into trouble with their data warehouses. As a result, most will look for a replacement database solution in the next quarter.

The report finds that most data platforms aren't built to address different types of workloads and data, meaning businesses are often forced to operate separate databases.

While most operate two separate platforms, it's not uncommon for firms to run five or more. Microsoft SQL Server is often the main database, with only Amazon Aurora coming close in terms of popularity.

IT operators are looking for replacement solutions due to performance and scalability shortcomings with current versions, which are also costly and lack functionality.

Companies also struggle to find and retain IT professionals will the skills to manage their databases, and see this as the number one challenge going forward.

“Legacy and one-trick pony databases are holding companies back from reaching their peak potential,” said Raj Verma, SingleStore CEO.

“The reality is that organizations are accelerating cloud adoption and data analytics to engage and deliver world-class customer experiences and act in the moments that matter. But, when 13.1 percent of IT professionals said that their existing databases are not cloud friendly and 12.9 percent said that their current database does not support mixed workloads, we get a view into the larger industry problem.”