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Many people now select an employer based on work-life balance

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In the hybrid working era, many people are choosing their next employer based on work-life balance, a new report from telecoms firm NTT suggests.

Based on a poll of 1,146 workers and managers across 23 countries, the report states that the workforce is almost evenly split between the idea of working from home, working exclusively in an office, or working in a hybrid arrangement.

Almost a third (30 percent) would prefer working from home, with the same percentage (30 percent) preferring a hybrid model. The majority (39 percent) still prefer working from an office. 

These findings show that many businesses set up their operations based on their leaders’ gut feelings, rather than facts, as 79 percent of organizations say that employees prefer office working

The way work is organized plays a major role in employee wellbeing. For more than two-thirds (68 percent) of organizations in the UK, employee wellbeing has deteriorated over the course of the pandemic. And while CEOs believe their organizations are effective at managing working hours and preventing burnout, their staff wouldn’t completely agree.

Less than two in five (38 percent) respondents said their employer fully values their health and wellbeing, with less than a quarter saying they were very happy at their current positions. 

“Currently, the narrative is all about remote working – but the reality of employees’ needs is much more complicated, and any failure to accurately assess and respond to that fact presents a serious risk to organizations”, said Alex Bennett, Global Senior Vice President, GTM Solutions at NTT.

“These are not mild preferences: we found that work-life balance and commute times are now the two biggest factors people look at when deciding where to work, and so performing well on workforce and workplace strategy will be a real competitive advantage.”

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