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Many remote workers given no cybersecurity training

(Image credit: Image Credit: wk1003mike / Shutterstock)

Two in three remote workers have not received any cybersecurity training in the past 12 months, according to a new report from app security firm Promon.

Based on a poll of 2,000 remote workers in the UK, the report states that more than three quarters (77 percent) are unconcerned about cybersecurity. Further, more than six in ten said they use personal devices when working from home, which poses a distinct threat to business data.

The Promon report highlights the dangers associated with working from home and the fact cybercriminals are capitalising on the coronavirus outbreak to infect unwitting victims with malware.

With most businesses transitioning to remote working in response to lockdown measures, IT and security teams have been left with a network of unsecured, often naive workers who are easy prey for various forms of attack - especially phishing.

Coronavirus-related phishing attempts have risen substantially since the pandemic began. Security researchers have identified fake White House websites, false NHS announcements and forged WHO documents used by cybercriminals to spread various malware.

For Promon CTO and co-founder Tom Lysemose Hansen, the fact that remote workers aren’t receiving any cybersecurity training is “concerning”.

“Organisations must ensure that staff who are working remotely are doing so in secure environments, whether that’s on personal or corporate devices, and it’s critical that they provide the necessary training and tools to ensure corporate data is protected,” he said.