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Many UK businesses have no IT disaster recovery plan

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Disaster recovery plan, a set of steps designed to help businesses get back on their feet after an incident as soon as possible, is not something many UK businesses have.

Probrand says it surveyed 1,125 IT workers in full, or part-time employment and came to the conclusion that a quarter of SMEs don’t have such a plan set up. For Probrand, that equals “gambling with the continuity of business”.

In the report, it stresses that four fifths of all businesses who suffered a major incident failed within a year and a half.

Among businesses that do have a disaster recovery plan created – more than half (54 per cent) don’t regularly test it. A third has never tested it, at all. A small portion of the firms don’t have automated backups set up, either.

“In real terms, this figure represents just under 1.4 million UK businesses who, in a worst case scenario, are at serious risk of failing due to insufficient disaster recovery plans that include simple data backup and recovery,” commented Matt Royle, marketing director at Probrand.

For Royle, it’s “shocking” to see how many businesses have disaster recovery plans that they never test. For him, this also creates serious risks, as testing may flag issues or flaws within the process.

“The message to business leaders is get a DR plan in place and test, test, test!”

Sead Fadilpašić

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