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Many workers of colour don't feel comfortable going back to the office

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As the Delta variant of the Covid-19 disease continues to spread, businesses are getting ready to invite their employees back into the office. This idea does not sit well with many workers around the world, and a new report claims that the majority of people of colour aren’t comfortable with the thought of coming back.

HR firm Workhuman has published a report based on a survey of 1,000 full-time U.S. employees, finding that some 59 percent of people of colour don’t want to go back to the office as Delta roams, compared to 55 percent of white workers.

Should they be forced, the report further claims, many will seek their fortunes elsewhere. Two in five plan to leave their jobs within the next three months, and almost two-thirds (61 percent) - within the next year.

Once the pandemic forced most employees to work from home, an idea was born - to have people work from home indefinitely, either full-time or in a hybrid model. Both benefits and drawbacks of this idea soon emerged - workers reported feeling happier, more productive, and able to save more money, but many struggled with loneliness, anxiety and burnout. 

Business owners, on the other hand, struggled with heightened cybersecurity risks, loss of visibility and eroding trust. 

But with the speed at which the Delta variant is spreading, and the pace at which the world is being vaccinated, a new lockdown is not out of the question yet.