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Many workers wish their employer was more empathetic

Image Credit: Bruce Mars / Pixelbay
(Image credit: Image Credit: Bruce Mars / Pixelbay)

UK employees wish senior staff had demonstrated greater empathy during the pandemic, with most saying that leadership style affects their personal wellbeing and happiness.

According to a new report from Workplace from Facebook, leaders that aren’t empathetic can expect employees to seek their fortunes elsewhere.

The report states that more than half (58 percent) of workers would consider leaving their job if their leaders don’t show empathy to staff, while more than a quarter (27 percent) have already thought about it. 

Polling 1,330 employees in the UK for the report, Workplace from Facebook found that, while bravado and tough leadership were important two years ago, being empathetic and “authentic” is more important today. That includes approachability (cited as the most important trait), being a good communicator and a good listener.

The majority of workers (77 percent) expect these new traits to become essential to the foundation of good company culture. Four in ten want their leaders to consider more personal means of communication, such as video.

Many leaders seem to have failed to live up to expectations. Almost a third (32 percent) of the poll’s respondents said communication during the pandemic felt “cold and impersonal”, with many leaders showing a lack of empathy for people’s personal lives.