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Mark Hurd: Get ready for the new dawn of AI

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AI is set to play a huge role in the IT industry across the board, providing a number of advances for all kinds of businesses, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd has claimed.

Hurd took to the stage, albeit via video-link, at the company’s Oracle Open World event in London today to share some of his predictions for the coming years ahead.

Top of the agenda was the role of artificial intelligence technology in the IT industry, particularly regarding cloud, with Hurd stating his view that all cloud apps would include AI by 2025.

Doing so will allow cloud AI apps to differentiate themselves from legacy applications, he said, with tools such as chatbots and voice-intuitive interfaces allowing businesses to build much closer and personalised relationships with their customers.

“All industries are going to find way to connect to their customers in innovative new ways,” he stated, noting how automation could power new use cases such as retailers creating personalized experiences for individual shoppers, or hotels running 24/7 without needing people manning the front desk.

That isn’t to say that AI will be the end of jobs for humans overall, with Hurd predicting that 60 percent of IT jobs by the year 2025 are yet to be invented. Many of these new jobs will in fact involve supervising and maintaining the AI systems, he predicted, with AI instead taking over the role of addressing complex or time consuming processes.

Hurd detailed his hopes of AI in accelerating innovation and improving productivity across the technology space, noting that the less money companies have to spend on maintenance of outdated non-AI systems, the more they could spend on innovation.

He added that Oracle Cloud can be a solution for companies dealing with an overload of outdated legacy applications, platforms and configurations that are difficult to upgrade, replace or even secure. However he said that Oracle’s offering can simplify all that, addressing all these issues quickly and effectively, no matter the size of your business..

Cloud is not just a technology, cloud is a strategy, cloud is a business model,” he declared, “it is much bigger than just business technology.”

“Cloud is foundational to what you need for a modern business,” he added, “it is truly the movement of innovation...these are big, fundamental changes in the marketplace.”

“Cloud, not just as a technology, but as a business approach, is irrefutable, and at the basis of everything we do.”

Michael Moore
Michael Moore

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