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Massive DDoS attack launched against European bank

(Image credit: Image Credit: Profit_Image / Shutterstock)

This week, security firm Akamai mitigated what it claims to be the “largest ever packet per second (pps) DDoS attack”, launched against an unnamed European bank. 

The attack reportedly generated 809 million packets per second (Mpps) - a new high for pps-focused attacks, and well over double the size of the previous record attack identified by the Akamai platform.

What also makes this DDoS attack unique is the “massive increase” in the quantity of source IP addresses observed. During the attack, Akamai identified more than 600 times average number of source IP addresses per minute, suggesting the attack was highly distributed in nature.

Further, most of the traffic came from previously unknown IP addresses (96.2 percent), which could indicate the assault was driven by an emerging botnet. Given that most of the source IP addresses could be identified within large ISPs via AS lookups, Akamai believes most of the devices used were compromised end user machines.

The speed at which the attack reached its peak was also remarkable. The company claims it grew from normal traffic levels to 418 Gbps in seconds, and took roughly two minutes to hit 809 Mpps. The attack lasted for a total of 10 minutes and was fully mitigated.