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Matrice 200 is a new enterprise drone from DJI

Unmanned aerial technology firm DJI announced a new drone this Sunday, and this one is built for professionals to perform aerial inspections and data gathering. 

Nmed Matrice 200, the company says the drone is an affordable and easy-to-use tool for enterprises. The drone’s body is weather and water resistant, and comes with an upward-facing gimbal mount. It is compatible with DJI’s X4S and X5S cameras, as well as the z30 zoom camera, and XT for thermal imaging. 

"Drones have quickly become a standard part of the enterprise toolkit and industrial users have come to rely on DJI technology to efficiently collect aerial data," said Paul Guo, Director Enterprise Solutions at DJI. "With the M200 series, DJI introduces a holistic solution designed specifically for these users. We are revolutionizing professional workflows by making it possible to use advanced sensors in various combinations to make sophisticated tasks such as bridge inspections, land surveying and search-and-rescue missions, easier, safer and more reliable than ever before."

DJI says the new Matrice 200 can be used to inspect infrastructure like power lines and telecommunications, as well as buildings. It is capable of identifying ‘millimetre-sized faults in buildings, roads and bridges in real-time’.  

There are three versions to the new drone, which is also compatible with DJI's Mobile and Onboard Software Development Kit (SDK).

The SDK allows programmers to build custom solutions for flight planning, data gathering or analysis.

Pricing is not yet available, but will be announced ‘in due course’. The drone is expected to start shipping in Q2 2017. More information can be found on this link.