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McAfee teams up with IBM and Cisco for AI-powered security

(Image credit: Image Credit: ESB Professional / Shutterstock)

Security firm McAfee has announced several new updates and collaborations to improve the efficiency of the IT department. 

The goal of the update is to bring ‘true AI’ to systems on a chip (SOC), giving security pros the ‘most advanced tools’ as humans team up with machines in their battle against cybercrime.

McAfee has partnered with Cisco and IBM Security for the launch, which will allow security teams to focus on defending their organisations from attacks, instead of focusing on what the company called ‘tedious integrations and manual tasks’.

The new McAfee Investigator tool utilises both machine learning and artificial intelligence, "to increase accuracy and confidence of investigations by automating data collection and empowering security analysts of varied experience to fully assess threats in less time.”

It offers accurate threat prioritisation, fast and thorough malware investigations, and increased SOC efficiency, among other things.

“Security teams are increasingly overwhelmed by the complexity they face in their environments which hinders their ability to defend against the growing number of threats,” said Chris Young, CEO of McAfee.

“McAfee is acting on our ‘Together is power’ principle with collaborative security that combines the unique advantages of people, machines and partners enabling teams to be situationally aware of security events and take swift action to thwart assaults, from the endpoint to the cloud.”

You can learn more about McAfee’s new offerings on this link.

Image Credit: ESB Professional / Shutterstock