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Microsoft adds annoying undocumented feature to Windows 11

man working on Windows 11 laptop
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Windows 11 users who are running Microsoft’s latest operating system on unsupported hardware have a new issue to contend with. The latest Release Preview of Windows 11 features a warning that says ‘System requirements not met. Go to Settings to learn more’.

The undocumented alert is seemingly designed to annoy rather than help and appears in the bottom right-had side of a users desktop. The same thing also occurs in the Settings app if Windows 11 deems a user's system to be below par for running it.

Although the latest warning is rather less obvious than watermarks that appear within unactivated copies of Windows 11, the message is likely to further irritate adopters especially those running the latest Microsoft operating system on older computers or as a virtual setup.

The latest warnings are an added hurdle for anyone moving over to Windows 11 who might already struggling to run it on any machine with a lower specification. At the most basic level, the Windows 11 software requires a minimum of 4GB RAM and a 1GHz 64-bit processor in order to work. Little wonder then that Windows 11 is still failing to set the world on fire.

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Windows 11 struggling to gain market share

In fact, a recent survey by IT asset management firm Lansweeper confirmed that take-up of Windows 11 is still slow to say the least. Its research findings, following a survey of 10 million Windows devices, revealed the latest PC operating system has just 0.21 percent of market share.

Although the figures were compiled in November of last year the continuing issues with hardware compatibility and Microsoft’s persistent finicky requirements for running the operating system could be enough to keep people away from installing it, even if they can.

Indeed, many PC owners appear to be sticking with their existing copy of Windows. The same survey found that Windows XP was still enjoying 3.62 marketshare, which presumably tells you everything you need to know about the foibles of being allowed to run Windows 11.

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