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Microsoft Azure increases quarterly revenue by 116 per cent

Microsoft has just announced that its Azure public cloud saw tremendous growth in both revenue and compute usage during the last quarter that came to a close on September 30.

The company's cloud service saw its revenue increase by 116 per cent year over year and its compute usage double during the time period. Microsoft's commercial cloud portfolio, which is made up of Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online, has also done well and is currently above $13 billion. During the most recent quarter, Azure continued to match the stellar performance seen by the service during first and second quarters of 2016.

According to Microsoft, compute usage and revenue more than doubled during the first quarter and in the second quarter compute usage was able to double again, which shows just how much Azure has improved in this year alone.

Despite its recent growth, Azure is currently ranked second when it comes to public cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) remains the most widely used public cloud and the service was able to generate $2.88 billion in revenue during the second quarter which was a 58 per cent increase when compared to the same period last year. Google's cloud services are ranked third, though the company has yet to disclose any of Google Cloud Platform's financial details.

Azure has certainly made a great deal of progress during 2016 as Microsoft expanded its cloud service to more regions and offered new features to its customers. AWS may be leading the race at the moment but Azure has continued to gain ground and users as a result of Microsoft's continued cloud efforts. 

Image Credit: JPstock / Shutterstock

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