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Microsoft, IBM sign up to cheaper cloud alliance

(Image credit: Image Credit: Melpomene / Shutterstock)

The majority of the big guys in the cloud and data centre industries are joining forces to offer cheaper cloud fees, as well as bandwidth fees for their customers.

GeekWire is reporting that Cloudflare has brought in Microsoft, IBM, Digital Ocean, Automattic and Backblaze under a single banner called the Bandwidth Alliance.

Scheduled to be announced today, during Cloudflare’s eighth birthday party, the group’s goal is to make sure Cloudflare’s customers using their services pay either significantly cheaper prices, or pay nothing at all, for the traffic that passes through locations where their networks are connected to Cloudflare’s services.

You’ll notice that one heavy-hitter is missing from the picture – Amazon Web Services. That’s because Cloudflare’s first idea was to pitch the group as a united front against the power of AWS. However, the idea transformed somewhere along the line and Cloudflare even tried to get AWS on board for the project.

The media are speculating that we shouldn’t expect such a scenario, but we should expect Amazon to lower its prices in response to the new partnership.

“These bandwidth charges, which cloud providers only charge on traffic leaving their networks, creates a bit of the ‘Hotel California‘ of services, and makes it so once you choose a cloud provider, it’s hard to move off of them,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO at Cloudflare.

“We see our role as being the fabric that connects various clouds together, and makes it easy to move from one to the other to whoever is providing the best services and the best technology and the best price at any given time,” Prince said.

Image Credit: Melpomene / Shutterstock