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Microsoft identifies multi-billion dollar opportunity for UK firms to support recovery

(Image credit: Image Credit: StockStudio / Shutterstock)

An opportunity to boost the UK economic recovery by billions of pounds has been identified in a new study from Microsoft

In October, the company announced that small changes in the application of technology could see UK firms contribute an additional £48 billion to the economy and accelerate recovery from the effects of the pandemic. 

New findings, however, reveal that £9 billion (US $12.4 billion) of that total could be contributed by the Microsoft Partner Network alone, despite these firms accounting for just one percent of VAT-registered businesses in the country. 

The latest study shows that £6.74 billion (US $9.3 billion) in revenue opportunity to support the UK’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic could come from Microsoft UK partners, with an extra £2.34 billion (US $3.2 billion) if they double down on cloud, data analytics, and remote work solutions. 

Among Microsoft partners, 58 percent are expecting a revenue increase this year, despite economic unrest.

“Our partners are hiring new staff with cutting-edge digital skills, they are using cloud-based technology in innovative ways to solve problems for customers and they actively plan for the future to meet changing trends in the marketplace,” said James Chadwick, Interim GM of One Commercial Partner at Microsoft UK.

“It’s not just the companies and the economy that benefits, our partners’ success with their customers also drives social growth for the UK, tackling important issues such as diversity, regional equality, and digital inclusion.”