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Microsoft is replacing Edge with its own Chrome browser

(Image credit: Image Credit: 377053 / Pixabay)

You know what they say: If you can't beat them – join them. It seems as Microsoft is finally ready to throw in the towel in the internet browser fight and end its battle with Google Chrome.

According to media reports, Microsoft will announce a new browser, a replacement for Edge, later this week. The catch is – it won't be built on the EdgeHTML engine, but rather on Chromium, instead.

It would seem as compatibility was the biggest issue with Edge, and that Edge's consumers were pushing Microsoft to do something about it. With a new browser that's built on Chromium, websites should behave exactly the same as they do on Chrome. That means, the crashing and the performance issues that are plaguing Edge today, should become a thing of the past.

Windows Central says Edge on iOS and Android already uses rendering engines native to the platforms, “so not much will be changing on that front.”

But this is not where Microsoft is stopping. It has been committing code to the Chromium project, pushing Chrome closer towards running on an ARM processor. It doesn’t have to mean much, but it is indicative that we may see this new browser running on a Windows 10 machine, on an ARM processor.

There’s still no official name for the browser. So far, only code name Anaheim has been thrown around.

Image Credit: Earl Jeffson / Flickr