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Microsoft Japan and Fujitsu join forces to promote global communications platform

Microsoft Japan and Fujitsu have recently teamed up to bring Microsoft's cloud-based collaboration suite, Office 365, to Fujitsu's 160,000 employees. This huge deployment is now being strengthened even more, as the duo announced it is taking the platform from a private cloud to a public one.  

The two companies announced in a press release that they will make FUJITSU Digital Business Platform MetaArc, the core of Fujitsu's cloud platform, compatible with Microsoft Office 365.  Also, the cloud authentication platform, Azure Active Directory Premium (Azure ADP) is getting a compatibility upgrade, ultimately creating a 'multi-cloud environment'.  

Fujitsu says its employees will start reaping the benefits of this new collaboration in March next year. ADP will allow single sign-on, as well as multi-factor authentication.  

Both Microsoft Japan and Fujitsu will promote the new platform through the usage of the Fujitsu Digital Transformation Center (DTC). The Fujitsu co-creation workshop space, as well as the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) will also be used for the same purpose. 

The new platform, which will help companies accelerate their digital transformation efforts, will develop businesses worth more than £360 million every year (50bn yen), the companies said. The prediction is based on the experience gained implementing Office 365 for the 160,000 employees of the Fujitsu Group.

Gil C /