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Microsoft joins OpenChain platform

(Image credit: Image Credit: Hans Engbers / Shutterstock)

Microsoft is joining Google, Facebook and other heavyweights as a platinum member and a board member of the OpenChain collective.

The goal of the partnership is to try and solve one of the bigger problems of open source software, and that is licensing.

Open sourced solutions are great for businesses, but many fear possible issues with governance.

“A key part of doing open source right is being able to trust that the code you receive complies with its open source licenses,” Microsoft Assistant General Counsel David Rudin wrote in a blog post. “It’s a deceptively hard problem and one that Microsoft is working with the community to address.”

OpenChain's idea is to standardise the way businesses make sure their open-source projects are compliant with licensing standards. By providing both specifications and processes, training and policy, which businesses can use, open-source compliance becomes easier, more efficient and faster for all parties involved.

According to OpenChain officials, Microsoft will help create best practices, as well as define new compliance standards, Siliconangle says. “That should provide its customers with even greater choices about the software they use,” the report states.

Other platinum members of the OpenChain project include Adobe, ARM Holdings, Cisco, Comcast, Facebook, GitHub, Google, Harman International, Hitachi, Qualcomm, Siemens, Sony, Toshiba, Toyota, Uber and Western Digital.

Image Credit: Hans Engbers / Shutterstock