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Microsoft launches new Windows 10 Office app

(Image credit: Image Credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has launched a new Office app that should serve as the starting point for anyone who wants to use Office products.

Simply called 'Office', it is designed to replace the 'My Office' app that's currently on offer, and should serve as a gateway to recent documents, Office desktop applications, or accessing the free version of Office, available online.

The new app will allegedly come preinstalled on Windows 10 devices, and won't require an Office 365 subscription to be used.

Functions aside, Office will also come with a bunch of tutorials, tips and tricks, and other helpful information for Microsoft's office solutions. IT administrators will be able to customise it, brand it and allow third parties access.

Those interested in downloading the app can do so on the Microsoft Store. Others will get it, eventually.

One of the goals of the app, according to The Verge, is to better promote Microsoft's free version of Office that can be found online. Apparently, Microsoft has struggled to properly promote the feature in the past, and is hoping to draw everyone's attention to it now.

“A number of consumers also assume Office simply comes as part of Windows, so renaming this app to Office and surfacing online versions of Office apps will certainly help there, too,” it argues.

Image Credit: Microsoft