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Microsoft launches Quantum Computing platform

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Microsoft has revealed the launch of a new quantum computing platform as it looks to spearhead the next generation of hardware.

The Microsoft Quantum Network, unveiled at an event at the company's Richmond headquarters, is set to play a key role in its future strategy, with the computing giant inviting 

Quantum computing looks to offer a major breakthrough compared to conventional computing methods around today, which is based on using the ones or zeroes of traditional bit-based processing, by instead utilising qubits, which can represent multiple states (including a one or a zero) during computation.

This allows platforms such as Microsoft's to harness huge amounts of computing power, making them ideal for resource-hungry processes such as data analytics or machine learning.

Microsoft has long been a supporter of quantum computing, launching its own Q# programming language and a Quantum Development Kit back in December 2017.

“The Microsoft Quantum Network is our commitment to establishing the partnerships required to build the quantum workforce and the quantum economy,” Todd Holmdahl, Corporate Vice President of Azure Hardware Systems Group at Microsoft, said during the launch of the new platform. 

“We believe both are vital to solving some of the world’s toughest problems."

"It will take a diverse set of skills across academia and industry to help develop the world’s first scalable quantum computer and quantum applications.  We are excited to bring together the best minds in quantum computing.  Together, we will bring this vision to life and shape the future of the quantum workforce and economy."

Image credit: Shutterstock

Michael Moore
Michael Moore

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