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Microsoft offers server analysis to the cloud

Microsoft has recently announced a new service to help businesses create insights out of raw data. The service is called Microsoft Azure Analysis Services, and the public preview was unveiled at the PASS Summit 2016.  

The Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) allows its users to create semantic models out of raw data, and share it with others. It also allows extremely fast server creation (mere seconds), and offers various tiers for production workloads.  The Microsoft Azure Analysis Services will work with SQL server data tools, as well as all other major business intelligence tools.  

“The success of any modern data-driven organization requires that information is available at the fingertips of every business user (not just IT professionals and data scientists) to guide their day-to-day decisions,” Microsoft said in a blog post.  

“Self-service BI tools have made huge strides in making data accessible to business users. However, most business users don’t have the expertise or desire to do the heavy lifting that is typically required to find the right sources of data, consume the raw data and transform it into the right shape, add business logic and metrics, and finally explore the data to derive insights.”  

“With Azure Analysis Services, a BI professional can create a semantic model over the raw data and share it with business users so that all they need to do is connect to the model and immediately explore the data and gain insights. Azure Analysis Services uses a highly optimized in-memory engine to provide responses to user queries at the "speed of thought".

Image Credit: Microsoft