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Microsoft Project Cortex looks to bring together all your workflows in one place

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Microsoft's latest big-name commercial product aims to make working a more seamless experience. Announced during its annual Ignite IT conference in Orlando, Florida, the goal of Project Cortex is to unify all of the data that a company generates through various channels.

So an employee could have important data lying in an email, in an Office 365 document or a chat log, and searching for that data required the employee to first know where to look.

With Project Cortex (previously known as simply “Knowledge Network”), all of that data gets unified and indexed in a central database, allowing employees to find it, share and collaborate on it quicker.

For example, if you’re writing an email and Project Cortex spots that you’re discussing a project it has more information on, it will create a link from that project’s keyword, allowing you to see more. You’ll get to see who is working on the project mentioned, what the deadlines are and other relevant information.  The information is gathered and organised through the use of machine learning, Microsoft added.

“The whole idea here is that it’s kind of a spelunker that’s going down into all your content repositories, whether they’re in Microsoft 365, on-prem and file shares and other systems,” explained Jared Spataro, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of its Microsoft 365 business.

“And it’s searching these things out and putting them together and saying, ‘hey, you have a project here,’ for instance a project or something you’re working on. I can put documents and videos and meetings together, calendar appointments. I can pull people and I can tell you what the organization knows in a 360-degree view about this topic.”

Project Cortex is currently in private preview, and should be available before July next year.

Sead Fadilpašić

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