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Microsoft reveals big changes to Surface Hub 2

(Image credit: Image Credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft initially unveiled its Surface Hub 2 earlier this year and now the software giant has revealed that there will be two versions of the device with one slated for a 2019 release and the other coming in 2020.

The company's Surface Hub 2S will launch next year and the device will feature a removable cartridge system that will allow users to upgrade the processor in a similar way to Samsung's “evolution kit” for its smart TVs. 

In 2020, Microsoft will release the Surface Hub 2X and 2S users will be able to purchase an upgrade cartridge when the new device launches. Additionally, a software update will enable a slew of new features including tile, rotate and multi user log in. 

Microsoft has also been working on a version of Windows 10 specifically designed for the Surface Hub 2. This new OS won't ship with the Surface Hub 2S, which will come with the original Surface Hub software, but will be included with the Surface Hub 2X in 2020.

Basically Microsoft has created two versions of the Surface Hub 2, the Surface Hub 2X for businesses ready to conduct all of their operations in the cloud via Office 365 and the Surface Hub 2S for companies that still have on premises servers for Exchange and other Microsoft services.

The Surface Hub 2S will arrive next year with a 50.5-inch display, thin bezels and a resolution higher than 4K. However, users that want the full experience will have to wait for a software update to take advantage of the additional features and added software support.

Image Credit: Microsoft

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