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Microsoft shutters Outlook Premium in Office 365 push

(Image credit: Image Credit: Dennizn / Shutterstock)

Microsoft is no longer accepting new registrations for its Outlook Premium service and is instead pushing users that want to upgrade their email service to an Office 365 subscription.  

Users that want a more premium email experience with features such as ad-blocking, more storage and the company's security tools will now need to purchase either an Office 365 Home or Office 365 Personal subscription. 

Microsoft announced that Outlook Premium will be phased out in a blog post in which it highlighted the new features that will soon be available for Office 365 users, saying: 

“These premium email features include an ad-free inbox, enhanced protection against malware and phishing, larger mailbox sizes, and premium customer support.  In the coming months, we'll be introducing additional premium features to make personal email and calendar experiences for Office 365 subscribers more powerful, productive, and secure.” 

Existing Office 365 users will automatically receive the new features when they become available as well as an increased mailbox capacity of 50GB. 

Users that already have an Outlook Premium subscription will be grandfathered in and will still be able to use the service and even renew their current plans. 

Image Credit: Dennizn / Shutterstock

Anthony Spadafora
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