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Microsoft Teams is first Linux Office 365 app

(Image credit: Image Source: Profit_Image / Shutterstock)

Microsoft has ported its first ever Office 365 app to Linux and it chose Teams to be the one. While still in public preview, Linux users interested in giving it a go should go here.

According to a blog post by Microsoft's Marissa Salazar, the Linux port will support all of the core capabilities of the app. Teams is Microsoft's communications and collaboration app, the company's answer to Slack, Facebook for Work or Google Hangouts, and has more than 20 million daily active users.

There are two key takeaways to discuss when talking about Linux and Microsoft. One – this is not the first time Microsoft has shown Linux some love. The latter holds hardly two per cent of the operating system market share, yet Microsoft recently open-sourced .NET, made it cross-platform for both Mac and Linux. Then, it open-sourced PowerShell, brought it to Linux as well as brought Visual Studio Code to Linux. 

The other aspect is that Linux seems to be super popular with developers and business users. The media are speculating that Microsoft is looking to cover a lot of niche ground, despite Linux not being as popular on first sight.

According to a Venture Beat report, Microsoft isn't discussing porting other Office 365 apps to Linux, but it did say there are “a handful of features related to Office app functionality and screensharing/control in meetings that are not yet available in Linux.”

Sead Fadilpašić

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