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Microsoft: Your workplace is changing, and here’s how to make it work for you

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One of Microsoft’s top executives has highlighted the positive effects that bringing new technology into the workplace can have on a business’ fortunes.

Speaking at the company’s Future Decoded event in London this week, Panos Panay, Microsoft head of devices, outlined how the current pace of technology development is making it easier than ever for companies to empower their workers with the latest tools and services. 

"We are sitting at one of the most exciting times possible, where technology is moving you,” he told the audience in the event’s opening keynote. “From the essence of mixed reality, where artificial intelligence is taking us, what data is driving us towards...we're at the edge of a shift towards more intelligent computing."

"We're in an era fuelled by data, the intelligent cloud coming to life (but) it's more than just the changing technology, it's how people are working."

Highlighting how Microsoft is looking to encourage workplace innovation and productivity throughout its range of products, Panay added that changing the workplace culture can have a profound effect on how a business operates.

"We're in an era that is about amplifying the ingenuity of each of the people that work for you and around you,” he noted. “People are your most valuable asset (and) at the core of the modern workplace is this idea of bringing creativity, teamwork, simplicity and security all together, creating an entirely new culture of work."

"If you pull those together, you enable your people to be the best they could possibly be. With all this other stuff happening in the background now, all the technology that's coming to life, everything around you - the data, the artificial intelligence, the machine learning - all of it, it's so powerful! At the end of the day,  it is the ingenuity of your people that will make the difference in your business."

"If you look at how the workplace is changing now, we need to give people the new tools that they need," Panay added, noting that 50 per cent of the global workforce is expected to be mobile within just the next three years, "How people work is's up to us to enable an entirely new culture of work for them."

"We need to give our companies and employees the right tools for the future,” he said, highlighting the positive effects that offerings such as Office 365 and the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update can bring, “tools are the technology evolves, what we can accomplish now could not even be dreamed about five years ago, let alone three years ago.” 

Microsoft is looking to spur on this idea of future working with the launch of the new Surface Pro 3 with LTE Advanced connectivity, the latest and most powerful incarnation of its flexible computing product.

Set for release in December, the new Surface will initially only be available to business customers, highlighting how Microsoft is looking to target mobile workers with both hardware and software solutions alike.

“What we did 25 years ago may have been mind-blowing, but what you can do today is world changing,” Panay said. “This is all about creativity, and making our teams the most productive they can be."

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