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Microsoft's latest green pledge is to replenish more water than it consumes

(Image credit: Image Credit: StockStudio / Shutterstock)

Reducing the volume of greenhouse gasses businesses release into the atmosphere is just one way to tackle climate change. There is also the question of irresponsible water consumption, which could become particularly problematic in years to come.

With that in mind, Microsoft has announced a plan to replenish more water than it consumes in the regions in which it operates by 2030.

The company refers to this premise as becoming “water positive” and has laid out an extensive plan for reaching this goal.

First, it wants to introduce “innovative water reduction and replenishment strategies” at its data centers in Arizona, Silicon Valley, Israel, Hyderabad and Puget Sound.

Then, it will team up with AI for Earth grantees to collect and digitize water data, in order to better understand where water-stress is emerging. This will allow the firm to optimize its replenishment efforts.

Further, Microsoft has promised to make a $10 million Climate Innovation Fund investment in the Emerald Technology Ventures’ Global Water Impact Fund, as well as to partner with to give 1.5 million people access to clean drinking water.

On top of that, it will join the Water Resilience Coalition to “address water issues around the planet” and make “new policy commitments”.

Finally, it has promised to develop solutions to help customers track, analyze and make strategic decisions about water usage.