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Mid-market business leaders reckless with sensitive data

Do you trust your boss with your company's sensitive information? Well, you probably shouldn't, because Iron Mountain's latest report says managers are the "worst offenders” when it comes to poorly handling business data.  

According to the report, both MDs and CxOs have been completely reckless with sensitive information: 

· 57 per cent have left confidential data on a printer for everyone to see / snatch · 49 per cent used their private email accounts to send sensitive data (Hillary says Hello)
· 40 per cent have used insecure wireless networks to send confidential information
· 43 per cent have thrown such data in a ‘potentially insecure trash bin’
· 39 per cent lost such data in a public place  

CxOs usually don’t follow procedures set up to protect information integrity, the report also says. One in find described the processes as ‘too complex’, forcing them to find a simpler alternative. 

One in seven (14 per cent) don’t follow company policies, and 6 per cent were unaware of any policies, at all. 

“The financial penalties for companies who fail to meet data handling and security obligations are getting more severe,” comments Elizabeth Bramwell, Commercial Director at Iron Mountain UK.  

“But getting it right is not just about avoiding fines; the reputational damage associated with a data breach can erode customer loyalty and impact the bottom line. With the stakes so high, companies need to put the policies and processes in place to support good information governance. On its own this may not be enough: companies must promote behaviours that protect sensitive company information.”