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Millions of remote workers suffered internet problems during lockdown

(Image credit: Image source: Shutterstock/Toria)

The coronavirus lockdown and rise of remote working has meant internet connectivity is more important than ever for businesses and individuals alike, but many have struggled consistently with connectivity issues since the pandemic began.

Research from customer experience firm Quadient found that 8.5 million UK households experienced some form of internet connection issues (opens in new tab) during lockdown, affecting the ability to work and socialize.

Nearly two thirds (61 percent) of those surveyed said they used online services more frequently during lockdown, which suggests the consequences of internet disruption were also more acute than usual.

Meanwhile, broadband was ranked the third most important service in respondents’ lives - behind electricity and water, but well ahead of banking, gas and mobile phones - highlighting the value UK citizens place on their connection.

The quality of customer service has also taken a hit in recent months, aggravating the connectivity problem. Almost half (43 percent) of broadband customers and 35 percent of mobile users reported issues with customer service, while a quarter claimed that customer service does not align with advertisement.

“Internet access has arguably never been more important to UK consumers than during the coronavirus lockdown,” said John Hoggard, Principal, Global Utilities and Telco at Quadient.

“When a service is this important, providers must deal with any connection issues quickly and effectively - and the customer experience plays a key role. UK consumers will accept there are likely to be connectivity problems during these unprecedented times. However, Telcos must meet them halfway.”

Joel Khalili is the News and Features Editor at TechRadar Pro, and has been a Staff Writer working across both TechRadar Pro and ITProPortal.