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Mobile users rarely pay for malware protection

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Almost nine in ten (89 per cent) of mobile consumers don’t pay for mobile protection, despite the fact that mobile malware is running rampant. Consumers would, however, gladly do it (61 per cent of them), if their mobile operators would offer.

More than two thirds (68 per cent) of mobile consumers worldwide said they’re aware of malware, with one in seven experiencing an attack in the past 12 months. A quarter (26 per cent) contact their CSP for help with a malware attack, the report claims. 

The report also concludes that consumers would love a ‘one-stop-shop’ to protect all of their devices. At the moment, just over a tenth (11 per cent) pay to protect themselves and their devices. 

“CSPs have a huge opportunity to be proactive and deliver relevant protection,” said Yaniv Sulkes, AVP Marketing at Allot Communications. “Our survey has revealed consumers are demanding simplified protection for their various connected devices and are willing to pay for it. CSPs are best placed to address this industry-wide issue and improve the customer experience.”

According to a recent Checkpoint security report, the HummingBad malware is no longer the world’s biggest mobile threat. It was recently overtaken by Triada, a “modular backdoor for Android which grants super-user privileges to downloaded malware, as helps it to get embedded into system processes.”

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