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More and more businesses are creating privacy departments

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(Image credit: Image Credit: David M G / Shutterstock)

The widespread transition to remote working has put data privacy under the spotlight and organizations of all shapes and sizes have been forced to take note.

According to a new report from privacy compliance technology company TrustArc, the number of enterprises with formal privacy departments rose by 17 percent last year. That puts the total percentage at 83, up from 67 percent the year before.

What’s more, almost half (44 percent) of the 1,600 respondents said they spent most of their time on privacy initiatives, despite the fact the company surveyed staff from a range of departments.

TrustArc says the growth was fueled partly by organizations needing to solve the challenges of remote working. Many turned to purpose-built privacy software solutions and built out dedicated teams to make solving privacy challenges possible. 

When prioritizing privacy, most leaders are worried about cybersecurity and data breaches, first and foremost.

Despite “notable improvements” in key privacy measures, however, most respondents (73 percent) said they believe their organizations could take privacy a step further.