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More complex cloud environment increases ransomware vulnerability

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The more complex the cloud environment – the more difficult it is for a business to recover from a ransomware attack.

This is according to a new report from data protection firm Veritas, which argues that businesses with a complex hybrid multi-cloud environments are more susceptible to ransomware attacks and more likely to pay the ransom in full.

Polling 2,690 senior IT executives for the report, Veritas found that just a third (36 percent) believe their security has kept pace with growing cloud infrastructure complexity.

And those with complex infrastructure are more likely to pay the ransom. Companies with 14 clouds or more often pay the ransom in full, those with up to 12.6 clouds are most likely to pay just part of the ransom, while those with 7.22 clouds usually don't pay at all. Only a fifth of business with fewer than five clouds paid the ransom in full following an attack.

Organizations with complex cloud environments are also slower to recover. Companies with fewer than five cloud providers usually take up to a day to recover, something just 18 percent of companies with 20+ clouds were able to achieve. A significant portion (39 percent) of companies with 20+ clouds took five to ten days to get back on track.

“Our research shows that many businesses’ data protection strategies aren’t keeping pace with the levels of complexity that they’re introducing and, as a result, they’re feeling the impact of ransomware more acutely,” said Ian Wood, Senior Director, Head of Technology UK&I at Veritas Technologies.

“In order to insulate themselves from damage of ransomware, organizations need to look to data protection solutions that can span their entire infrastructure, no matter how complex they may be.”

Sead Fadilpašić

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