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More SMBs are shifting IT infrastructure as part of hybrid working plans

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(Image credit: Shutterstock / Blackboard)

With most workers nowadays operating in a hybrid model, small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) are being forced to rethink their IT infrastructure. This is according to a report from data center specialists ServerChoice, which claims that SBMs are turning to cloud to support their employees.

Polling more than 900 SME business leaders, ServerChoice found that most of them (72 percent) are considering creating a private cloud solution, while 19 percent are eyeing up colocation. The remaining nine percent will most likely go down the public cloud route.

SMB leaders are in no rush to get this done, however, as there are major roadblocks along the way. While many are worried about the cost of moving their servers and setting up cloud-based infrastructure, some are also wary of the potential downtime during the move. There are also concerns about possible breakdowns during the move, which would not only prolong the process, but also make it more expensive.

“SMEs are undergoing a rapid shift in working patterns with four in ten of these businesses moving offices. This has become a driver for businesses to relook at their IT server estate and our research found that SMEs are using the office move as an opportunity to shift IT servers off-premises,” said Adam Bradshaw, Commercial Director at ServerChoice. 

“SMEs remain unconvinced by public cloud, with colocation found to be twice as popular as public cloud. This is unsurprising as perfectly good IT hardware does not need to be replaced with colocation. It is a solution that not only maximizes the potential of existing hardware but provides a more secure, and often more reliable, foundation for a business’ core infrastructure.”