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More than half of all crime in the UK was committed in cyberspace

Businesses are fleeing towards the internet, and cybercriminals are tagging along. According to a new report by Panda Security, 50 per cent of all crime in the UK is – cybercrime. In Q3 2016, the security company logged 18 million new malware samples, or approximately 200,000 a day. DDoS is also gaining popularity. 

The company recently unveiled a 'number of DDoS businesses' which have earned $618,000 for knocking people's businesses offline. DDoS is only going to get more popular, with the introduction of IoT. DDoS works by sending huge amounts of data requests at the same time to a specific server. This huge amount of data literally chokes the server's bandwidth, knocking it offline. It is usually done by employing a large amount of machines – mostly infected computers – to send these data requests. 

Now imagine when we connect millions, even billions of new machines capable of sending data requests to servers. Ransomware is a whole other universe. What we've seen so far is cybercriminals encrypting business files and then asking the attacked company for ransom, if they want their data back. Panda Security, however, shows us another approach: 

"There is already a way to control the thermostat and raise the temperature to 99 degrees Fahrenheit, then request a ransom to return it to its initial state.” Panda Security’s full report, Pandalabs Report Q3 2016, can be found on this link.     

Image Credit: Profit_Image / Shutterstock