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More than half of websites have serious vulnerabilities

Dangerous vulnerabilities are present in a large number of today's websites, and the percentage is going to keep on growing, according to a new report by Acunetix. 

The automated web application security software company released its annual Web Application Vulnerability Report 2016, based on 45,000 website and network scans, done on 5,700 websites over the past year. The results are worrying. More than half (55 per cent) of websites have at least one high-severity vulnerability, representing a nine per cent growth compared to last year's report.  More than four fifths (84 per cent) have medium-severity vulnerabilities, it was also said.  

There has been a small, ‘encouraging’ reduction in SQL injection and cross-site scripting, but the company said these are ‘just two of the top three’. There’s also Vulnerable JavaScript Libraries, which has seen a significant increase – more than 100 per cent. Among the perimeter network vulnerabilities, Secure Shell (SSH) related ones are considered ‘most prominent’, it was said.  

“Our research clearly shows high-severity web app flaws are on the rise and older vulnerabilities are still hanging around,” said Chris Martin, General Manager at Acunetix.  

“Having a plan in place to prioritise these problems – and actually start tackling them – is critical. Using an automated vulnerability scanner such as Acunetix is the first step to protect your brand’s online real estate.” The full report can be found on this link.