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Most businesses set for major cloud migrations

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The majority of businesses are planning major cloud app migrations as they prepare for the aftermath, as well as a potential second wave, of coronavirus.

According to a new global survey published by MariaDB Corporation, usinesses have recognised just how devastating a lack of preparedness for macro events can be - and have also seen the benefits of a fully realised remote working strategy.

To that end, a fifth said they have started the cloud migration process and more than a third have accelerated the transition. Almost a third (31 percent) expect to have ported all operations to the cloud in the imminent future.

Business are pursuing two major goals as part of their cloud migration strategies: implementing “forever work-from-home” and setting up remote access for all employees.

Employees have also had their say, with an overwhelming majority expressing a desire to minimise the number of in-person events they attend as a direct result of the pandemic.

“By default, cloud infrastructure is designed and secured for access from anywhere, no need to enable or figure out remote working, that is the native lifestyle,” said Franz Aman, CMO at MariaDB Corporation.

“Companies realise that many structural changes are here to stay and future disruptions – be it another pandemic or an entirely different disaster – need to be anticipated and planned for. The outcome is an acceleration to the cloud for mission-critical applications, and the cloud databases and analytics they rely on. An enterprise-grade DBaaS becomes the foundation for any crisis-resistant, essential enterprise application.”