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Most companies are looking for closer ties with the channel

(Image credit: Image Credit: Coffee / Pixabay)

Most resellers and distributors in the UK want a stonger and closer relationship with their vendors, according to a new report from Kaspersky.

Polling 150 professionals for the report, Kaspersky claims the channel lacks a human touch, which has been further emphasised during coronavirus lockdown.

While two thirds of resellers and distributors wish they had a better relationship with their vendors, more than seven in ten feel it’s their duty or responsibility to establish such a relationship.

However, 65 percent are finding it “increasingly difficult” to achieve this goal, especially with the popularity of texting and email. Phone calls, meanwhile, are becoming few and far between.

Andy Bogdan, Head of UK SMB Channel at Kaspersky, believes the nature of this relationship needs to change.

“In business, relationships are key. Building trust and having good, honest communication between all parties is imperative. Vendors must place a far greater emphasis on putting the customer first, and adopt a genuine, customer-centric approach," he said.

For half of the respondents, customer service is one of the most important factors when choosing who to work with. That means the company needs to show it understands the industry in which the resellers and distributors are working, simplifies doing business, offers stellar customer support, as well as providing the opportunity to “establish strong relationships with the vendor’s key contacts”.

Closer relationships will not only improve communication, customer service and eliminate the feeling of isolation. It will also have a direct effect on sales too, it seems, as two thirds of respondents said they could close more deals if they had a closer relationship with their vendors.