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Most companies still struggling to get the most out of their cloud work

(Image credit: Image Credit: Rawpixel / Shutterstock)

There is still plenty of untapped potential in cloud investments that most businesses have not realized, according to a new report from professional services firm Accenture.

Based on a poll of 750 senior business and IT professionals, the report states that just 37 percent managed to draw the full value from their investments. To make matters worse, this figure has grown by a mere two percent in the last two years.

Just over a quarter (28 percent) are fully confident their cloud migration initiatives will deliver the value they expect, within the allotted timeframe.

For Accenture, moving more heavily into the cloud is a no-brainer, because companies that do so have “significantly better” outcomes. According to the report, almost half (46 percent) of high adopters have fully achieved the benefits they expected, compared to 36 percent of moderate and 28 percent of low adopters.

For European businesses, cloud is a great way to mitigate business uncertainty and lower risk, as well as to achieve corporate sustainability. But they’re still struggling to find skilled workers, comply with regulations and manage legacy infrastructure and application sprawl.

“Leaders have known for a long time now that cloud is the way forward, but many have been slow to act or fully commit to their cloud strategy. This year has been a real wake-up call for many of these organizations, who are accelerating potentially years of planning into just months or even weeks with the shift to remote working,” said Emma Roscow, Intelligent Cloud Infrastructure lead for Accenture UKI.

“Leaders must remember to keep their business objective in mind and treat workforce change management as an equal priority alongside technology investment.”