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Most employees are unhappy about the return to the office

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As businesses begin to emerge from the pandemic, many are expecting their workers to return to the office. However, they are not doing enough to ease this transition, leaving many employees feeling anxious and hesitant to go back.

This is according to a new report from programmatic research technology company Lucid and market research firm Vitreous World, which claims the majority of workers (57 percent) feel anxious about returning to the workplace, with a quarter (26 percent) feeling pressure from their employer to do so.

Further, most people (65 percent) don’t think today’s workplaces are “welcoming, inclusive, or positive” for everyone, and that employers haven’t done enough to ensure a supportive environment for all. 

These findings seem to ring particularly true for workers with physical or mental health conditions. A third of workers have some form of disability, and 39 percent of them said the condition impacts their ability to commute. Furthermore, a third (31 percent) have some form of emotional or mental health condition, which could be impacted by working on-site.

“What is unique within our findings, although unsurprising, is that there really is no ‘one-size-fits-all approach to improving the workplace in today’s post-pandemic business world,” said Bex Grove, Associate Director at Vitreous World. 

“What may seem inclusive and welcoming to some, will not be considered so by others. Yet, if employers listen and react appropriately to all of their staff, they will be able to develop and implement policies and processes that address the needs of all employees. Thus ensuring a safe, positive, and equal environment. Simply put - today’s employers have a responsibility to care about their people and ensure everyone is on an equal footing.”

To ease the transition to the workplace, businesses should offer a flexible, hybrid working approach, rather than an immediate full-time return to the office, respondents agree. They should also clearly communicate any mask-wearing and social distancing policies, as well as other Covid-19 policies they might have. 

Sead Fadilpašić

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