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Most firms don't have the right tech for hybrid working

(Image credit: Image Credit: Perfectlab / Shutterstock)

Many businesses lack “useful integrations” in their tech stacks and, as a result, employees are working twice as hard as they should be.

This is according to a new report from content enablement platform Templafy, which claims UK workers spend “large amounts of time” switching between applications.

With more than a quarter using six to ten different applications each week, staff are becoming overwhelmed and frustrated, Templafy claims.

What they want is technology that integrates into daily workflows more seamlessly, as well as more user-friendly and intuitive platforms that can help them solve the content challenges ahead.

According to Templafy, the best way to solve this puzzle is by making sure the tech stack supports flexible working. Most employees (85 percent) are of the opinion that hybrid working can be successful only with the right tools in place.

The main reason technology fails is because it doesn’t fit into workflows and lacks consistent, company-wide applications. “Tackling these prevalent workplace issues requires business enablement stacks, which will empower people to do better work more efficiently with apps and tech tools used daily,” the report concludes.

Simply adding new tools won’t miraculously solve these problems, however. Further employee training is needed and many staff members have found learning to use new technologies in a remote environment challenging.