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Most organisations require increased budget to update outdated infrastructure

(Image credit: Image Credit: Chombosan / Shutterstock)

The majority of organisations will need more money to upgrade their outdated infrastructure and invest in new technologies, according to the State of IT Infrastructure 2020 report from Wipro Limited.

According to the report, an average enterprise spends almost half (43 percent) of its IT infrastructure budget on digital transformation, suggesting there is “considerable scope for innovation.”

At the same time, a quarter don’t have cloud partners, meaning the data centre cloud will be the single largest expense.

With more than half of businesses adopting containers, open-source will continue to be a more compelling choice across IT infrastructure, while automation solutions will continue to move forward, propelled by the evolution of software-defined resources, as well as the rise of AIOps.

Further, the report claims most enterprises are educating and re-skilling their existing workforce to better prepare them for the inevitable technological change.

“A range of new technologies like IoT, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and blockchain, are on course to be fully exploited by digital businesses,” said Kiran Desai, Senior Vice President and Global Head, Cloud and Infrastructure Services, Wipro Limited. 

“By leveraging multi-cloud, edge, software-defined infrastructure, artificial intelligence and automation, we will be able to realise the full potential of these new technologies and present a truly ‘invisible infrastructure’ to applications.”