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Most organisations still can't properly secure remote workers

(Image credit: Image Credit: Deepadesigns / Shutterstock)

Although many workers have performed their jobs from home for months now, organisations are still struggling to properly secure their remote workforce, according to a new report published by cloud security firm Bitglass.

The report claims that four in ten organisations have not taken steps to expand secure access facilities for the remote workforce, with half complaining they are not equipped with the right facilities to do so. As a result, most organisations have allowed their employees to use their own devices to access managed applications.

In the majority of cases, firms are struggling to secure network access, software-as-a-service apps and BYOD devices from threats such as malware and unauthorised user access.

The report states that malware is by far the most common threat type, with almost three quarters of respondents describing it as their number one concern. It is unsurprising, then, that roughly the same percentage (77 percent) said anti-malware is the most commonly deployed service designed to secure remote workers.

Services that deliver single sign-on, data loss prevention and user & entity behaviour analytics, meanwhile, are not being used widely enough.

For Anurag Kahol, CTO of Bitglass, securing data in any app and any device is essential, especially as many businesses have said they intend to support remote working once the pandemic subsides.