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Most security and IT teams admit they don't have a positive relationship

(Image credit: Image Credit: Konica Minolta Business Solutions UK )

IT and security teams don’t exactly have a stellar relationship - a fact that is hampering an essential, strategic goal for European businesses: network transformation.

According to a new report from VMware, the root cause of this strained relationship is a lack of end-to-end network visibility. Almost two thirds (59 percent) of businesses see it as a “real challenge” and almost half consider it a “major concern”. For more than a third (37 percent), this results in a “misalignment” between IT and security teams.

Further, almost a third (29 percent) don’t plan to implement a consolidated IT and security strategy.

The report argues that networking teams “are not seen as having an equal role” with the other IT or security teams when it comes to cybersecurity. At the same time, network transformation is considered “essential” when it comes to delivering the required level of network resilience.

According to VMware,  businesses need “shared thinking and responsibilities” if they are to achieve a cohesive security model.

“Businesses who are looking to adapt to fast-changing market conditions rely on the ability to efficiently connect, run and secure modern applications consistently, from the data centre, across any cloud and all the way to the device. And it is the virtual cloud network that is delivering this," said Jeremy Van Doorn, Sr Director of Systems Engineering, Software Defined Data Centre EMEA, VMware.

"The network needs to be recognised as the DNA of any modern security, cloud and app strategy, and it should be seen as a strategic weapon and not merely the plumbing."