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Most security worries are the same as they've always been

(Image credit: Shutterstock / Gorodenkoff)

The technology industry may be moving at breakneck speeds, but when it comes to cybersecurity professionals have been trying to deal with the same issues for almost half a decade.

This is according to a new report from pentesting company Cobalt, which claims that the same few problems have dominated for four years in a row now.

These include being too slow to respond to threats, being unable to protect the entire portfolio, skills shortages, and struggling to align the security and development teams.

Polling 600 security experts, and pulling data from 1,600 pentests, the company says it takes a quarter of respondents at least 60 days to address low-to-medium-risk vulnerabilities. A handful can’t even be bothered to fix them at all, yet most respondents (67 percent) believe slow response is what creates further risk.

Protecting the entirety of their portfolio is also something businesses struggle with. The average firm can only pentest two-thirds (63 percent) of its entire application portfolio, mostly for budgetary reasons.

For most firms (86 percent), finding the right people for pentesting is a pain, while a suboptimal alignment between the devs and the security teams is putting them at risk.