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NASA staff hit by data breach

(Image credit: Image Credit: Balefire / Shutterstock)

NASA's servers have been compromised, and some of its employees' data has been stolen, the agency has confirmed.

In an email sent to all of its employees signed by Bob Gibbs, Assistant Administrator, Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer, it says that two servers that contained personally identifiable information (PII) was breached, and some of the information there – stolen. That information includes social security numbers and 'other PII data'.

"After initial analysis, NASA determined that information from one of the servers containing Social Security numbers and other PII data of current and former NASA employees may have been compromised," the letter says.

NASA says this email was sent to all employees for awareness, and that it will send additional, follow-up emails to individuals whose data was actually taken. Discovering who that is will take some time though.

NASA says it takes cybersecurity 'very seriously' and that information security remains a 'top priority for the company'. Senior leadership, as well as 'Federal cybersecurity partners' are actively involved in the ongoing investigation. Apparently, no NASA mission is in jeopardy due to the hack.

“Our entire leadership team takes the protection of personal information very seriously. Information security remains a top priority for NASA,” the letter concludes. “NASA is continuing its efforts to secure all servers, and is reviewing its processes and procedures to ensure that the latest security practices are being followed throughout the agency.”

Image Credit: Balefire / Shutterstock